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5 Advantages of electric scooters

Advantages of electric scooters
Electric scooters have become a symbol of modern urban transport; are a common sight in big cities such as Paris, Madrid and San Francisco. The trend seems to be moving in one direction - up!
Although we consider this recent increase in popularity to be excellent, we cannot deny that there are many who remain inconvenient. Do you consider yourself in this category? Maybe we can change your mind!

1. Portability

Rivaled only by folding bikes, electric scooters are probably the most portable way of personal powered transport. Many people would like assisted forms of transport, but consider them too cumbersome or too technical to be practical. Motorcycles are great, but you need a license and insurance to go with one. Bicycles are great, but often you will have to leave them chained out and at risk of being stolen and they are too big to be considered truly portable. Electric scooters are light and foldable, allowing storage and portability. You can simply pull it out like you would a small suitcase, which means you can carry it pretty much anywhere. Then, when the time comes, you simply open it and you're on your way!

2. Eco-friendly

We cannot write an article about the advantages of electric scooters without mentioning the environment. The geopolitical story that defines the epoch of our time is represented by climate change. Our collective search for greener modes of transport and low emissions is making some progress, with electric scooters being one of the leaders so far. They use only a small amount of electricity and do not emit any emissions, which is better for the air quality in our cities and for the lungs of their inhabitants. As a reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly way to travel, nothing is better than an electric scooter.

3. Noise pollution

Traveling around a city and peace never go hand in hand. Virtually any method of travel has a significant amount of noise pollution - cars, motorcycles, buses, trains - all of which are incredibly noisy. Even walking can be noisy if you have hard shoes! Electric scooter; a silent mode of transport, which is the fastest and quietest way to get from A to B.

We are sure that you or someone you know has had a neighbor who works very early or very late, and when they get home late at night or early in the morning, the sound of their car or motorcycle is a disturbing disturbance. If he had an electric scooter, you wouldn't hear anything.

4. Balance + movement

Another struggle facing humanity today is our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. Many of us work in offices or jobs that are mostly seated, and most of us will drive or take a train to and from work. Introduce modern communication technology (FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp, etc.) allowing us to socialize without going anywhere, and movement is becoming less and less necessary and people struggling to find time to move. With an electric scooter, for smaller trips that you would normally drive or use public transport, you can get your body moving. Of course, we know that using an electric scooter is not a substitute for a workout, but it will activate your core and improve your balance. Using an electric scooter is a great way to replace a seat with something a little more active.

5. Safety

Each mode of transport comes with an element of risk. When you travel faster than walking, the risk of having an accident increases - even something as simple as stumbling or hitting someone while jogging. Compared to other personal modes of transport, such as cycling, roller skating or the use of hoverboards, electric scooters are potentially the safest option. First, you can simply go down if you see an imminent collision. This cannot be done with bicycles or roller skates. You have immediate access to the brakes, which do not exist on the hoverboard. Electric scooters are fast enough to be useful and fun to travel, but they give you enough control to feel safe while traveling.

It's probably not surprising, but we can't talk enough about electric scooters!

In our offer of electric scooters you will definitely find a model that suits your lifestyle. Don't you believe us? See our reviews from satisfied customers!

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